Nicholas Chang - Kung Fu President

Nicholas Chang is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu for over 10 years, and is on the US Kung Fu National Team. He has been competing in regional and international competitions for many years and has won many medals. In the past two years, along with the PLAY Kung Fu teaching team, he has taught free kung fu lessons every week, starting in person, then moving online once the pandemic hit. He loves working with children, and along with his team of junior masters, he looks forward to another great year with PLAY Kung Fu.

Henry Hong - Science Co-President

Henry Hong is a junior at Amador Valley High School and has been a member of PLAY Leadership for four years. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, challenging himself with competition physics problems, and playing classical music on his alto saxophone. As a leader of PLAY Science, he aims to introduce the wonders of science (particularly physics) to elementary and middle school students and inspire them to continue pursuing the sciences outside of PLAY's events.

Steven Yang - Math Subgroup Leader

Steven Yang is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton. He enjoys both working and having fun, but he prefers not to work. Although he doesn't enjoy being burned by the sun, he likes playing tennis, hiking, and running. He hopes to help expand PLAY in the future.

Anthony Han - Science Co-President

Anthony Han is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. Since 6th grade, he has participated in multiple science competitions including Science Bowl and USABO. Outside of his love for science, he enjoys running, biking, and solving Rubik’s cubes. Through PLAY Science, he hopes he can help others find a passion for science.

Danny Liu - Math Subgroup Leader

Danny Liu is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been doing competitive math since 5th grade and enjoys teaching others to be more efficient at solving problems. In his free time, Danny enjoys being outside and having fun with friends. He is excited to be a part of PLAY Math to prepare children for success.

Oscar Li - Music President

Oscar Li is a junior at Amador Valley High School. He has played saxophone since elementary school and has a keen interest in music. He looks forward to another year in PLAY Music and is ready to help the community grow and spread the magic of making music to everyone.

Henry Hong - Reading President

Henry Hong is a junior at Amador Valley High School. He has been a member of PLAY Leadership for four years and has been avid in helping PLAY grow and expand as an outreach officer, as well as a reading subgroup leader. He is excited to continue leading the reading subgroup and inspiring others to learn about Chinese culture.

Erika Yu - Speech and Debate President

Erika is a junior at Amador Valley High School. She has been competing in speech & debate since middle school. Currently, Erika is an active member of her high school debate team and competes as a varsity Lincoln Douglas debator. As PLAY Speech & Debate’s president, she will be hosting and organizing various workshops and lessons to introduce PLAY members to speech and debate.

Lily Yuan - Language Arts Co-President

Lily Yuan is a 7th grader at Harvest Park Middle School. She has loved reading and writing since kindergarten. She started writing stories in first grade with her own illustrations. She also enjoys playing the piano and is currently a PLAY Music piano tutor. She has passion to help people grow, and hopes to share her love of reading and writing with those in PLAY Language Arts.


Jenny Li - Art President

Jenny Li is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. She has participated in PLAY events since 2017 and served as vice president last year for PLAY Art. She has had a deep passion for art ever since she was little, believing art contains unshakable power and status in society. Outside of PLAY, she has been participating in various volunteering events by herself like teaching children at school in the countryside of Guizhou, China during summer. In her free time, she enjoys painting, playing piano, dancing, voice acting, reading, learning languages, ice skating, playing volleyball, etc. Jenny is looking forward to another great year with PLAY!

Michelle Li - Math Subgroup Leader

Michelle Li is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. She has been a member of PLAY since 2015 and has taught in PLAY Math since 2020. In her free time, Michelle enjoys doing arts and crafts, playing her french horn, preparing for math competitions, and playing video games. She hopes to introduce more people to PLAY and make a bigger impact on the community.

Isabella Han - Reading Vice President

Isabella Han is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. She has been a part of PLAY for over 3 years. In the 2020-2021 school year, she served as a youth leader where she actively participated in events. Outside of PLAY, she likes to cook, paint, play badminton, and find new things to try. As the vice president of PLAY Reading, Isabella is excited to continue hosting events and teaching Chinese. She is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Daniel Zhu - Science Co-President

Daniel Zhu is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School and a passionate lover of all things science-related. As one of the co-founders of PLAY Science, he hopes to see all members of PLAY Science develop a love for science and performing experiments. Outside of PLAY, he is involved in many STEM clubs and activities, including the Dougherty Valley High School(DVHS) Biology and Science Bowl clubs. He is also a two-time semifinalist for the United States Biology Olympiad(USABO) and the winner of the National Ocean Science Bowl. Using his experience in the STEM field, he is looking to create fun and interactive activities to help inspire those in PLAY Science to explore the vast field of science.

Bill Li - Math President

Bill Li is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School, and has been a part of PLAY Math since 2017. He serves as the external vice president of PLAY, and is for another great year with the organization and the PLAY Math subgroup!

Selina Lai - Language Arts Co-President

Selina Lai is the reading instructor of the PLAY Language Arts subgroup. She is in seventh grade and attends the Dorris-Eaton School. She enjoys reading and writing stories. She has just joined the PLAY organization this year. She considers reading comprehension an enjoyable and intriguing concept that is worth spending time on. That is why she’s really passionate about the aspects of reading and writing and volunteered to instruct PLAY Language Arts. Selina is really excited to teach the reading comprehension section of the new PLAY Language Arts club and looks forwards to sharing the joys of reading with her students.


PLAY Leadership

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Raymond Zhang - Music Vice President

Raymond Zhang is a rising sophomore at Foothill High School. He has been a member of PLAY Music since 2019. Raymond is a percussionist for Foothill's Wind Ensemble and plays drumset for Foothill's Jazz A Ensemble. He has also participated in the CMEA Bay Section Honor Band.

Isaac Wen - Kung Fu Subgroup Leader

Isaac Wen is a freshman at Dougherty Valley Highschool. He has been practicing Kung Fu for over 9 years and is on the US Kung Fu National Team. He frequently competes in many different international competitions. He loves teaching and working with children and is excited to help the PLAY Kung Fu subgroup grow.

Jerry Li - Cooking President

Jerry Li is a senior at Dublin High School. He has been a busy home cook for 6 years. He has also been in the DHS Culinary Academy for 2 years, which included preparing and catering for multiple events. During one summer, he started a small at-home baking business, baking birthday cakes and other miscellaneous sweets including cheesecakes, macarons, and sablés. His hobbies include street photography, guitar, piano, and shooting Polaroids. He hopes to teach the joys of cooking and inspire future chefs.

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