​​​​​​​​​​Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

Nicholas Chang is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has organized and led many PLAY events throughout his time as outreach officer and vice president in previous years. He also leads the PLAY Kung Fu subgroup. He enjoys practicing kung fu, reading books, programming, and volunteering in the community. He has been practicing kung fu for over 10 years, and is on the US Kung Fu National Team. As a co-president this year, he hopes to help PLAY grow even more and looks forward to working with PLAY members to achieve another successful year!

Henry Hong is a junior at Amador Valley High School. He has been a member of PLAY Leadership for over four years and has encouraged PLAY Leadership’s growth as an officer of PLAY and as a leader of the PLAY Reading and Science subgroups. As CMO, he aims to increase PLAY’s media presence by transitioning onto new platforms, adding new website features, and acquiring sponsorships. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, learning about web development, expressing his feelings through the alto saxophone, listening to ‘70s music, and delving into the sciences. He looks forward to expanding PLAY both physically and virtually.

organizational vice president

Bill Li is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been a part of PLAY over the past 5 years. He formerly served as a Youth Leader from 2019-2020 and External VP from 2020-2021. Additionally, he has been an instructor for PLAY Math since 2018, being heavily involved in teaching and the assembling of teaching materials. In his free time, Bill enjoys listening to music, solving math problems, and swimming. He is looking forward to leading PLAY to another fruitful year of giving back to the local community!

Isabella Han is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. She has been a part of PLAY for over 3 years. In the 2020-2021 school year, she served as a youth leader where she actively participated in events. Isabella is also the vice president of PLAY Story where she enjoys teaching Chinese. Outside of PLAY, she likes to cook, paint, play badminton, and find new things to try. As the Event Coordinator, Isabella is excited to find more volunteering opportunities for PLAY’s members and helping PLAY grow. She is looking forward to participating in more events and meeting everyone

 Leo Yu is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been leading and organizing a few events in PLAY. He is also an active member of PLAY Art. Leo enjoys volunteering, and in his free time, He enjoys playing the piano, composing music, and fencing(sport). He is looking forward to helping and organizing more events in PLAY in the future. 

Andy Li is a senior at California High School. He has been a part of PLAY for over three years and has been a treasurer for PLAY for over two of those years. He has participated in several PLAY events, including making facemasks and face shields during the Pandemic and participating in different drives and fundraisers for the disadvantaged. He has volunteered in the Special Olympics in the past and is currently remotely tutoring young refugee children. When he isn’t studying or volunteering, he enjoys listening to music, traveling, reading novels, playing video games with friends, and playing casual Basketball. He has played a variety of sports, including basketball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, and badminton. He has played basketball the most with over 10 years of playing. He is eager to watch how PLAY will grow and what it will achieve.

Event coordinators


2021-2022 student Officer team

Youth leaders

external vice president

Isaac Wen is a freshman at Dougherty Valley Highschool. He is the vice president of the PLAY Kung Fu subgroup and enjoys working with kids. In his freetime, he likes to practice Kung Fu, play video games, and read books. Isaac has been practicing Kung Fu for over 9 years and participates in many competitions. He is looking forward to inspiring others and helping PLAY reach new heights.

Raymond Zhang is an incoming sophomore at Foothill High School. He has been a member of PLAY since 2019, and is currently VP of PLAY Music and leading PLAY Badminton, as well as having participated in several other volunteer organizations. Raymond has a great interest for music and is a percussionist in Foothill's Wind Ensemble and Jazz A Ensemble. Outside of school, Raymond has an interest in computers, learning more about anything that comes to mind, as well as occasionally playing video games. As a youth leader, Raymond will work with other PLAY Officers to help both PLAY Leadership as well as himself grow.

vice president of finance


Erika Yu is an incoming sophomore at Amador Valley High School. She has been a member of PLAY since 2017 and served as an officer last year. She has also served as president of the Speech & Debate subgroup since 2020. At school, Erika is an active member of Amador’s debate team, as well as other STEM clubs. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, drawing, and learning more about biology. Erika looks forward to further expanding PLAY and its subgroups.


Joyce Li is a rising freshman at Amador Valley High School, and has been in PLAY for 3 years now through managing events for PLAY Music. Outside of PLAY, she has been drawing for several years, and has won a gold medal for an artwork she submitted into the Scholastic Art and Writing contest. Her other hobbies include reading and playing badminton. She hopes to see PLAY grow, and is excited for a new year as a Youth Leader.​

chief marketing officer

Danny Liu is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been a PLAY since 2017, teaching for PLAY math in 2019 and acting as subgroup leader in 2020. In his spare time, you can find him listening to music by himself, fishing with his family, and playing soccer with his friends. Danny participates in competitive math and is also part of his school's soccer team. As the Secretary, Danny will help keep PLAY run smoothly and stay organized.

Hongyi “Oscar” Li is a sophomore at Amador Valley Highschool. He has been part of PLAY Leadership for over 3 years and is the current leader of PLAY’s music subgroup. Outside of his PLAY and school music, he has also attended various honor bands such as CBDA. In his free time away from volunteering and schoolwork, Oscar plays badminton on a team and for AVHS. In his free time, he enjoys building electronics. Oscar is pumped for a new year of PLAY, excited to see what awaits him in this following year.

Michelle Li is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. She has been a member of PLAY since 2015 and has taught in PLAY Math since 2020. In her free time, Michelle enjoys doing arts and crafts, playing her french horn, preparing for math competitions, and playing video games. As a Youth Leader, she hopes to introduce more people to PLAY and make a bigger impact on the community.