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Benjamin Li is a senior at Amador Valley High School. He has been an active member of PLAY tutoring throughout the past year and has additional experience teaching reading and writing courses. Outside of the classroom setting, he enjoys swimming, kung-fu, and hiking. He is looking forward to expanding the size & impactfulness of this subgroup throughout the school year and hopes to share his passion for tutoring.

PLAY Tutoring offers private one on one tutoring for middle & high school students. We have a number of passionate tutors that specialize in a wide range of academic subjects and are ready to support struggling students. Additionally, we have ELD tutors that can help non-native english speaking students improve their fluency and comprehension. At PLAY Tutoring, we are committed to improving the academic experience of every student and helping them reach their fullest potential. Sessions will run throughout each semester and scheduling will be arranged based on tutor and student availability.

If you're interested in being a tutor, sign-up HERE.

Current subgroup leader

benjamin li - tutoring president