​​​​​​​​​​Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

​​​​Mengze Li is a junior at California High School. He has been a member of PLAY Leadership and PLAY Reading for more than 4 years and has actively volunteered in lots of different areas. In his free time, He enjoys playing the piano, reading, coding. He is looking forward to meeting everyone in the reading subgroup.

Our mission is to promote youth from diverse backgrounds to continue learning and practicing Chinese and to enhance diversity and different cultures at school and throughout our communities. In PLAY Reading, we tell, sing, and recite Chinese stories, songs, and poems to teach other. We also play Kahoot games, host Chinese lessons, present different aspects of Chinese culture, and do other activities to increase our knowledge of Chinese culture as well as to increase our Chinese vocabulary. All ages are welcome!

Reading club

Henry Hong (2021-2023)

Current subgroup leaders

Keven is a sixth grader in Harvest Park middle school. He is also an officer for Play Leadership Reading and has been in the Play Leadership Reading club for 5 years. Keven is very excited to be telling stories but also tries to teach kids about Chinese food in the Reading Club. He is very eager to be helping the community and wants to continue to tell stories.

Xiao Wu (2017-2019)

Cynthia Hong (2019-2021)

past presidents


keven ye - reading vice president


mengze li - reading president