Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

  • ​​To teach the value of community and demonstrate various ways in which students can better the diverse communities they are a part of
  • To offer them opportunities to take a leadership role and augment their understandings about the necessary qualities of a leader
  • To provide assistance in the endeavor to master public speaking
  • To encourage the formation of individual opinion of contemporary social, economic, and environmental issues, without political bias​​
  • To encourage involvement in institutions through internships and volunteer work
  • ​​Donated 4,000 face shields and 21,000 face masks to over 50 locations during the pandemic (including hospitals, local businesses, and Navajo Nation)
  • Donated over 1,300 masks and $920 to firefighters in San Ramon
  • Sewed over 1,000 cloth face masks and donated them to local health workers
  • ​Donated $659 to the Tri-Valley Chinese Community during the pandemic
  • Fundraised over $1,000 dollars and used it to purchase school suppliers for homeless children
  • ​And More!

PLAY Retreat 2016

who we are

what we have accomplished

Founded by a group of high schoolers determined to improve their communities in 2014, PLAY Leadership is an incorporated non-profit organization that emphasizes high standards of leadership, public speaking, and community service in youth. PLAY Leadership is based in Tri-Valley of the California Bay Area.

Homeless Clothing Drive 2021

Mission Statement