​​​​​​​​​​Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

  • ​​To teach the value of community and demonstrate various ways in which students can better the diverse communities they are a part of
  • To offer them opportunities to take a leadership role and augment their understandings about the necessary qualities of a leader
  • To provide assistance in the endeavor to master public speaking
  • To encourage the formation of individual opinion of contemporary social, economic, and environmental issues, without political bias​​
  • To encourage involvement in institutions through internships and volunteer work
  • ​​Donated over 4,000 hand made face shields and 63,000 refurbished N95 face masks to over 50 locations during the pandemic (including hospitals, community health centers, senior living facilities, essential businesses, food banks, school districts, homeless shelters and encampments throughout the Bay Area, Navajo Nation US Indian Reservation in Arizona and Refugee Women's Alliance in Seattle)
  • Donated over 1,300 masks and $920 to firefighters in San Ramon
  • Sewed over 1,200 cloth face masks and donated them to local health workers
  • ​Donated $659 to the Tri-Valley Chinese Community PPE Drive during the pandemic
  • Fundraised over $2,200 dollars in community garage sales for underserved children and unhoused friends in Santa Clara County.
  • ​Ran multiple donation drives and distributions to the homeless encampments in San Jose with hundreds of boxes of supplies every year
  • 40 President's Volunteer Service Award winners with 4254 hours contributed to the community in 2021
  • 46 President's Volunteer Service Award winners with 5460 hours contributed to the community in 2022
  • Over $2000 raised for underfunded PUSD organizations through donations from PLAY English tutoring

PLAY Retreat 2016

who we are

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Founded by a group of high schoolers determined to improve their communities in 2014, PLAY Leadership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that emphasizes high standards of leadership, public speaking, and community service in youth. PLAY Leadership is based in Tri-Valley of the San Francisco Bay Area with over 300 members.

Homeless Supplies Drive 2021

Mission Statement