​​​​​​​​​​Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

Claude Blue (2020-2021)

yawei he - Art president


Art club


Claude Blue (2020-2021)

1. Through teaching the seniors arts and crafts, group members learn from each other and progress together with seniors.

2. Actively participate in various local art activities, including seminars, exhibitions, art shows.

3. Participated in the Recycled Art Project, turning recycled materials into art pieces.

4. Participated in the U.S.-China Youth Workshop 2017 hosted by Stanford University.

5. Support the editing work of PLAY Times and other activities of Music and other clubs.

Vivien Tong (2020-2021)

Peishan Yu (2020-2021)

Peishan Yu (2019-2020)

past presidents

luphy ma - Art vice president

Frank Yan (2022-2023)

Current Subgroup leader

Ashley Chen (2018-2020)

My name is Luphy, and I will be the Vice President of PLAY Art. I am a freshman at Alhambra High School. I have been a member of PLAY for almost 3 years and attended countless PLAY events. I am also a Boy Scout of BSA Troop 429 and participated in Boy Scout volunteer events since elementary school. 

Yawei He is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been participating in Play Art volunteer since 9th grade. He had taken the lead in managing and arranging our class recording for the general public from the previous president Frank and started to host artwork showcase events for our members to exhibit their artistic creations and performances. He believes that sharing knowledge is not just a process of teaching, but a way to benefit the communities, an opportunity for people to access new knowledge, and a chance for members themselves to have a new understanding of the knowledge.

Mission statement

Play Art was founded in 2014 by Diana Miao (who is studying at Parsons School of Design now). Ashely Chen, Catherine Chen, Peishan Yu, and Shuaiying Tong are the founding members of PLAY Art. In the past five years, they have done a lot of work, leading everyone to help the elderly and children in the community to enrich their lives through painting.  Carried out the Recycling Art project, organized and taught students in the primary school to use waste materials to make art, so that they can establish environmental awareness from an early age, and ran many exhibitions, organized 100 people on-site production, and repeatedly auctioned works for fundraising.  Demonstrated and created works at Stanford University with young people from all over the world, making used items a work of art and promoting recycled art projects.  Helping new students learn English in school to solve their difficulties... Leading everyone to raise money for cancer patients and guiding everyone to care for people around them... Their new project will combine network science and art teaching so that children from all over the world who have networks can have the opportunity to learn art. You can access our videos Here

Dingxi Miao (2014-2018)

Catherine Chen (2018-2020)

Jenny Li (2021-2022)