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PLAY Computer Science is a place for middle school students to learn how to code and gain an understanding of basic computer science concepts through weekly classes. These classes will consist of not just lessons, but also fun coding-related projects and more challenging problems. Students who are interested in coding competitions such as USACO will also have the opportunity to go over training problems and implement their own solutions.

Classes begin on 8/12 and will take place every Saturday from 10-11 am via Zoom. For a more detailed outline of classes, click here. If you're interested in joining, please fill out the google form here.

leon wang - Computer science president

​After first learning the basics of Java and C++ in middle school, Leon wondered what he could do with this new knowledge. Then in high school, he discovered that there are coding competitions such as USACO. He hopes that PLAY Computer Science will motivate him to study harder for the competition and share his knowledge with upcoming middle schoolers. He also seeks to teach some fun projects, perhaps involving GUI, to make the lessons fun and rewarding for students.​

Current subgroup leader

COMputer Science club