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Danny Liu - Math subgroup leader

Steven Yang is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton. He enjoys both working and having fun, but he prefers not to work. Although he doesn't enjoy being burned by the sun, he likes playing tennis, hiking, and running. He hopes to help expand PLAY in the future.


Bill li - Math president

Math club

PLAY Math offers a free enrichment course that focuses on critical thinking skills (Verbal, Quantitative, Non-verbal abilities), problem solving and competition math preparation. The class material and curriculum offered in two classes: one for 2nd/3rd graders and another for 4th/5th graders. Please Sign Up: HERE

This course will be taught by high school volunteers, many of which have multiple years of experience in both teaching and competition. We are a dedicated team of instructors that are passionate in encouraging critical thinking, STEM curriculum, and problem solving to young students. While this course is free and we are a non-profit volunteer organization, we do encourage a small donation of your choice to help cover the cost of the classrooms.

Here are some past contributions to the community from PLAY Math:
• $875 donated to PLAY Leadership (2022)

• 1,300 masks/$920 to local firefighters (2020)

• $659 to Tri-Valley Chinese American Community for PPE masks (2020)
• $287 in supplies to San Jose Angels Foundation Homeless Drive: boxes of chips, personal hygiene products, etc.
• Around 1000 books distributed to ReWA for refugee children in Seattle
• $100 donated as school supplies for the San Jose unhoused products, etc.

Click here to read about PLAY Math's accomplishments on local news!

Danny Liu is a sophomore at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been doing competitive math since 5th grade and enjoys teaching others to be more efficient at solving problems. In his free time, Danny enjoys being outside and having fun with friends. He is excited to be a part of PLAY Math to prepare children for success.


Andi Liu (2018-2020)

Bill Li is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School, and has been a part of PLAY Math since 2017. He serves as the external vice president of PLAY, and is for another great year with the organization and the PLAY Math subgroup!

past presidents

Current subgroup leaders

Steven Yang - Math subgroup leader