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Language Arts club

PLAY Language Arts is a reading and writing course for students of 3rd/4th grade language arts levels. Students will be guided to learn fundamentals of Language Arts, including but not limited to vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar, organizing writing and visual representation. Upon completing these lessons, they will gain growth in reading and writing skills. 

If interested, please check out our syllabus Here!

Selina Lai is the reading instructor of the PLAY Language Arts subgroup. She is in seventh grade and attends the Dorris-Eaton School. She enjoys reading and writing stories. She has just joined the PLAY organization this year. She considers reading comprehension an enjoyable and intriguing concept that is worth spending time on. That is why she’s really passionate about the aspects of reading and writing and volunteered to instruct PLAY Language Arts. Selina is really excited to teach the reading comprehension section of the new PLAY Language Arts club and looks forwards to sharing the joys of reading with her students.

Lily Yuan is a 7th grader at Harvest Park Middle School. She has loved reading and writing since kindergarten. She started writing stories in first grade with her own illustrations. She also enjoys playing the piano and is currently a PLAY Music piano tutor. She has passion to help people grow, and hopes to share her love of reading and writing with those in PLAY Language Arts.


lily yuan - Language arts co-president

Current subgroup leaders

Selena Lai - Language Arts co-president