​​​​​​​​​​Promoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth​

Miharu (Shirley) Fukuda is a junior at Amador Valley High School. She has been active in PLAY for over five years now. Being a part of PLAY music, one of her talents is playing the piano. She also enjoys playing badminton and baking in her free time. She looks forward to an exciting year for PLAY and is ready to help expand the foundation and work with more people.

2023-2024 student Officer team

Joyce Li is a junior at Amador Valley High School. She first joined PLAY 5 years ago when she attended an event hosted by our music subgroup. Now, she manages and hosts a variety of volunteer events for PLAY. At school, she is captain for Amador's badminton team and secretary for the Neuroscience Club. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and listening to all kinds of music. As the External Vice President, she looks forward to reaching new people and helping PLAY grow in the future.

Michelle Li is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School and she is excited to lead PLAY Leadership this year as a co-president. She has been actively volunteering with PLAY since middle school and has been teaching in PLAY Math since 2020. Currently, she is one of the PLAY Math co-presidents. Outside of PLAY, Michelle enjoys practicing the french horn, swimming, programming, and listening to music. She has been playing the french horn for 7 years and is the french horn section leader at Dougherty. This year, Michelle is looking forward to leading PLAY officers to expand the club’s reach in the community.

Leon is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been a member of PLAY since 2021 and has been involved in tutoring, volunteering at food banks, garden work, and music performances. In his free time, Leon likes to play piano, solve Rubik’s cubes, and code. Leon has been cubing for over 5 years now and his personal best time is 5.44 seconds. He also participates in Bay Area competitions whenever he can and hopes that one day can be sponsored by a major cube company. He is also the president of Dougherty’s cubing club. In the 2023-2024 school year, he looks forward to leading two new subgroups (PLAY Computer Science and PLAY Cubing). He hopes that the upcoming year will be his most fun and productive one.

Event coordinators

Elisa Zhang is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. She is part of PLAY Math and leads the PLAY Times newsletter team. She also actively participates in PLAY’s volunteer activities. Outside of PLAY, she enjoys dancing and listening to music. She is looking forward to working with members of PLAY and helping the organization expand in this coming year.

chief marketing officer

Raymond Zhang is a junior at Foothill High. He serves as the outreach officer for PLAY this year, as well as having founded and led multiple programs in his past years working with PLAY. Outside of school, he is in scholastic marching band and indoor percussion programs. 

Allison is a freshman at Albany High School. She has been a member of PLAY since 2022 and has attended a variety of their volunteer events such as piano performances at senior centers, Kids Against Hunger, community gardening, and many more. In her free time she likes playing piano, swimming, spending time with her friends, and cooking. She is excited to help PLAY grow and see PLAY make more influence to the community! 


Outreach Officer

external vice president

Cindy is a junior at California High School. She has been an active member of the PLAY Math subgroup and has attended a variety of volunteer events. In her free time, Cindy enjoys dancing, playing the violin, and cooking. As the organizational VP, she looks forward to meeting more PLAY members and seeing PLAY grow.

Youth leaders

​Jeffrey Liu is a freshman attending Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton. He was and is currently involved in the “PLAY Math” subgroup, as well as participation in supplemental PLAY Leadership events. Beyond PLAY Leadership, he is an avid watercolorist, having submitted his artwork into the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and garnering multiple awards. Contrasting his artistic interests, Jeffrey is also a participant in competition programming. He hopes to contribute these skills towards PLAY Leadership and maintain the growth and activity of the organization. 



Ryan Li is a seventh grader at Harvest Park Middle School. He is a first time officer who has volunteered with PLAY several times in the previous years. These events include Gardening for Fertile Groundworks, Meal and supply distribution in San Jose, and Kids against Hunger. Outside of PLAY, Ryan participates on a swim team, is the Vice President of his school’s film club, and partakes in extracurriculars at CACC. Ryan often enjoys math, music, politics, activism, and film. He is looking to further his leadership experience and make a positive impact in our community.

Lily is a freshman at Amador Valley High School. She has been a member of PLAY since 2017 through events such as garage sales, food packagings and distributions, gardening, face mask refurbishings, supply donations and distributions, as well as clothing donations. She is also the co-founder of the PLAY Language Art subgroup and leader of the PLAY Speech & Debate subgroup. In her free time she enjoys playing tennis, reading, writing, and volunteering. She looks forward to being a part of PLAY as it grows in the future.

Selina Lai is a freshman at the Quarry Lane School. She has been a PLAY member since 2020. Aside from being a Youth Leader, her other PLAY Leadership roles are as co-president of the Language Arts Club subgroup and as a writer for the PLAY Times newsletter. Selina enjoys writing, reading, and playing tennis in her free time. In her role as Youth Leader, she aims to connect with younger members to keep up the strong, involved community within PLAY Leadership.

Danny Liu is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has been part of PLAY since 2017, and teaching for PLAY math since 2019. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, eating good food, and studying at the library. Danny plans on expanding more and looks forward to leading PLAY's officers in the coming year.

Isaac Wen is a junior at Dougherty Valley High school. He is the president of the PLAY Kung Fu subgroup and enjoys working with kids. In his free time, he likes to practice Kung Fu, play video games, and read books. Isaac has been practicing Kung Fu for over 9 years and participates in many competitions. He is looking forward to inspiring others and helping PLAY reach new heights.

organizational vice president


Leo Yu is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. He has organized and led many play events, such as the active PHIG event, and participated in many other events. Leo enjoys robotics, video games, playing the piano, and more in his free time. As the treasurer this year, Leo hopes to better use the financial resources given and hopefully raise more funds to donate.