Open Heart Kitchen serves prepared, nutritious meals free of charge to the hungry people of the Tri-Valley area.

It is the largest hot meal program of its kind in the Tri­-Valley Area of Northern California, feeding the hungry 7 days a week across multiple locations in Pleasanton, Livermore and Dublin.

There is no qualifying process and meals may be eaten at numerous serving sites or taken to go. Guests come from all walks of life and Open Heart Kitchen has become a safety net to those in need during challenging times. Last year, Open Heart Kitchen served more than 328,000 meals to those who needed it.

Visit the volunteer page of their website to register as an individual or a group.

Alameda food bank

Upcoming events

Join PLAY Leadership in restoring an abandoned site used for overflow parking into a lovely, natural, water conservation wildlife habitat garden that uses no pesticides or herbicides. We are also removing weeds and invasive plants and replacing them with native and drought-tolerant plants.

What to bring: Please bring along your garden tool(s) when you come, as we have only a few on-site. We also recommend that you bring drinking water, sunscreen, gloves, and a hat! Please also print and sign this PHIG Release Form along with your two waivers, and bring them with you when you arrive at the garden.​

Time: Sundays from 9 AM - 12 PM 

Kids Against Hunger is a non-profit humanitarian organization with a mission to provide fully nutritious food to impoverished children and families around the world.

The organization does this through the packaging of a highly nutritious, vitamin-fortified soy-rice casserole by volunteers at numerous locations within the USA and Canada; and the distribution of those meals to starving children and their families in 70 countries through partnerships with humanitarian organizations worldwide.

Since its launch, Kids Against Hunger has provided over 2 billion meals for children and their families in 70 countries through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers.

Visit the locations section of the website to find the nearest event where you can get involved.

PLAY Leadership joins Silicon Valley Distribution team to distribute food and supplies to unhoused encampments in San Jose.

Time: 6/12 and every other Saturday 10:30 AM - 2 PM

We will sort and pack donations about 150 sacks full of food and supplies for about one hour.  At 11:30 we will break into 5 different teams and drive to about 10-12 different encampments to deliver the food and supplies to the unhoused. This usually takes about 2 hours. 

If you have these items that you want to donate, please feel free to bring them:

  • Masks
  • T-shirts for adults/New socks
  • Individual sized snacks (chips, cookies, etc.…)
  • Nonperishable canned food
  • Shoes
  • Fresh apples or oranges

Kids against Hunger

If you have any event ideas, please email them to [email protected]!

Silicon valley homeless distribution

Please print and sign these two waivers, and turn them in to the PLAY event organizer when you arrive (one form per family)

​​Accident and Liability Waiver and the COVID-19 Waiver Form.

Founded in 1977, the Alameda Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps Alameda residents in need by providing nourishing food in a compassionate and respectful manner with the support of dedicated volunteers and local partners.

The Food Bank’s mission is to provide nutritious food to the low-income residents of the City of Alameda on a non-discriminatory basis.

In addition to its regular food distribution programs, the Food Bank is Alameda’s distribution site for USDA government surplus food.

Visit the volunteer page of their website to find how you can help. For youth volunteers, scroll to the "Policy on Youth Volunteers" segment of the webpage.

Open heart kitchen

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