Ashley Chen, University of Michigan

Edward Yu, Stanford University

Andy Chen, University of California Berkeley

Max Deng, New York University 

Connie Deng, University of Southern California

Cynthia Hong, Santa Clara University

Andi Liu, University of Chicago

Edwin Mui, University of Michigan

Zoe Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Larry Liang, Harvard University

Claude Blue, University of Victoria

Kelly Li, University of California Berkeley

Danny Du, New York University

Stephen Yuan, University of California Berkeley

David Si, University of Chicago

Angela Kan, University of California, Los Angeles

Sandy He, University of California, Los Angeles

PLAY Leadership

‚ÄčPromoting Leadership in Aspiring Youth

Nathan Chang, Vanderbilt University

Wilson Yan, University of California Berkeley

John Yi, University of California Berkeley

Xiao Wu, Duke University

Albert Sun, Duke University

Partial list of the PLAY LEADERSHIP alumni

Andi Mo, Yale University

Kevin Hui, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Brandon, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Andrew Zhao, University of California Berkeley

Chris Li, Emory University

Anson Hu, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Richard Cong, University of Southern California

William Fang, Bates College

Catherine Chen, University of Southern California

Helen Zhou, Emory University

Any alumni missing? Please email inquiry to: [email protected]